Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the fort worth cats

“That shit could really happen!” Anybody remember that line out of Hollywood Shuffle?
The other day, I came across a response to a previous post concerning The Fort Worth Cats. Not the baseball team – the band.
Someone who goes by the moniker of Sarah Joy apparently found a copy of Earthquake At OK Corral in Boston. I tried unsuccessfully to reply at this person’s site.
Thanks for buying the record though.
I did spontaneously contact the other three members of the group and suggested that the ‘Cats’ do a show. Expecting laughter and rejection, what I received was nothing short of absolute enthusiasm.
We never did really break up. It’s just hard to maintain a playing schedule when we all live in different towns. Still, about one or two rehearsals and we should be good to go.
One night in Fort Worth should suffice. Yeah, one night in Fort Worth.
A little press would be nice and I imagine we can get that done with little effort. I’m thinking sometime in September.
As for Sarah Joy, thanks again for buying the LP and I suspect that what you referred to as sick are the lyrics to a particular song that we no doubt will play. Bear in mind that the thing was written sometime in the late 70s and was completely tongue-in-cheek. I would be the one to blame for the subject matter.
Now, to book a venue. Bet I know just the place. More later…

Sunday, July 16, 2006

cuss words

One of the most impressive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting is a young lady that is a daughter of a friend in Mexico and struggles with a rather hideous ailment. No need to go into details there. She is doing just fine now as far as I know.
Thing is, she has learned four languages. Four! She said that she does intend to learn any further languages. Four! The question that popped into my mind was – “How old am I and what do I have to show for it?”
This brings to mind a ridiculous article I recently read via Associated Press. The story was penned by Darlene Superville.
Not a poorly written article at all and no offense intended toward the writer, but rather toward the subject. I am not one to call people names, ever. Okay, maybe now and then, but this time I do believe it to be justified.
Seems that one Alan Mole is president of the American Literary Council. No, I’ve never heard of them before either.
Close your eyes for a second. Here goes the name-calling part of this post. Hmmm. Cannot bring myself to do it. Just suffice it to say that this man is obviously a couple of cans short of a six-pack.
Simplify the English language? ¿Por Que? Where does the problem lie? Me thinks that laziness may be the problem.
Learn the language. This man claims that children will learn quicker if words were spelled in a more phonetic manner.
I beg to differ. No, I demand to differ. Children will not learn easier as much as they learn a sorry excuse for the English language. Too, there will be all of us old farts who spell correctly and will have to read sentences that look like this : Winer of speling be taks hom top priz.
Good gourd! There is nothing wrong with learning how to speak, write and spell.
Forgive me the soapbox, but sometimes there is a pimple that demands to be popped.

Marc Bolan went electric

We received a Christmas gift late last June. It is a candle. Now, it is constructed of wax and all, but instead of a wick, it has two little bulbs and is operated by four AA batteries.
One simply has to pass a hand or any available appendage over the top of the gadget to make it come on. I am a purist on many matters, including candles, but I have to admit to warming up to this thing.
The only possible objection I can find is that the air is no warmer when it is lighted than when it is not. A small fault that can be easily overlooked. I do believe that the only time I ever turned to a candle for the warmth factor was in a cantina in Mexico during what had to close to freezing temperatures.
Am I a traitor to the traditional candle? I think not. Still have plenty of those around. Hey, Bob Dylan was somewhat ostracized when he decided to rock out while plugged in. Same fate befell T-Rex.
Perhaps I have an open mind to this for the same reason that I have always preferred an electric bass to the acoustic cousin.
It’s a nice candle and is currently flickering the morning away. Yes, there is a not-so-hidden pun there.

Friday, July 14, 2006

a dream, alas, yet a worthy definition

Anarchism is the name given to the principle of theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government – Harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by agreements concluded between various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted toward the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of civilized beings.

- Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Katherine Sigler July 21, 1945 - July 3, 2006

Every now and then, a chance encounter makes us remember with a somber smile. I remember being a young man and making my regular summer jaunts to Corpus Christi. My parents were rarely relied upon to offer an excuse to ship me off for the summer and who can possibly blame them?
Anyway, I heard the news on the car radio on the way to DFW airport that a girl named Ruth had died in a car crash the night before. I cried. I recognized her name and a somber smile fell upon my young face.
Ruth, you see, was the apple of the eye for any 6th grade boy. She was gorgeous beyond belief. I was not popular or handsome by any stretch of one’s imagination, but one day, while in English class, Ruth came and sat by me and asked to borrow a pencil.
I obliged her request, of course. She did not get up and leave though. She engaged me in a very polite conversation. I know that may sound a bit lame, but I have never forgotten the day that the popular girl took the time to be nice to me. I smile now just thinking about that morning.
Okay. Now jettison a few decades ahead. My wife and I met Elizabeth in San Miguel de Allende. We were set up to meet by a former boss to whom my wife had been employed. We became instant friends and stay in touch to this day.
On a trip to Fort Worth, we were invited by Elizabeth to stay a night in San Antonio at her mom’s house. Reticent would be a good word to use as to my mindset on that trip. I mean, I already knew that Elizabeth was great to be around, but what would the mom be like?
Surprise! This woman, that would be the mom, was the most fantastic hostess ever born unto this planet. Perfectly prepared salmon. Wine and wonderful conversation. If memory serves correct, she even offered me a cold beer the morning after that delectable meal that still was on my morning after a good meal and fine conversation mind.
Kathy was and is her name. To be more specific, Katherine Ann Buss Sigler.
The woman was vibrant and apparently quite the musician as far as the piano goes. I would not have known the musician part had I not recently read her obituary.
The woman took us in as if we were long lost relatives. No wonder Elizabeth turned out to be such a cool (as in neat, as in good) person to be around.
The picture in Kathy’s obituary showed her as hairless due to medical treatment. Nonetheless, she is radiant with a genuine smile. Genuine she was and is.
I think we all too often take for granted the nice gestures presented to us by people who are nice and giving for no other reason than that is the way to be.
Even though we were unable to attend services, our apartment was illuminated by many candles. Katherine Ann Buss Sigler was and is indeed a jewel.
July 21, 1945 – July 3, 2006.
Be you always in peace, dear lady.