Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, The Frustration! (missing you tube)

Frustration. That seems to be about the apt word that fits. Technical problems from this end with trying to post shows on my You Tube channel. Been almost 2 months now since a show was shown, hence, or seen. Not to worry. I will be back.
Upon casting my weary gaze across the previous paragraph, it strikes me as a bit dramatic. Fixing the problem may be something simple I am overlooking. I assure each and every one of you that I am on the case. Political sounding there?
No, really, I will be back as soon as possible.
There was a time that I was, at least within the lexicon of the walls surrounding my living room, at the top of the You Tube world. Call me insane if you must. Call me a mere fool.
The uneven and gravelly road we all must travel can, can be…
Did I say dramatic?
Adios por ahora.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lola's North Side Oh Yeah!

Icicle and the Kid (Featuring Brian Oblivion) will be performing or presenting or whatever one wants to call it at Lola’s – 121 W. Exchange Ave on September 5th.
On a side note, rumor has it that the , yes THE FORT WORTH CATS will show up in public sometime in October. Different venue. To be announced at a later date.
Oh man! Tough to write with these new prescription glasses. My head is tilted way back.
The toe ends where it meets the wild street. Every one timid glass greets the sink the way an orphan sees a new sibling or a freshly chopped grapefruit. Adios por ahora,

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Texas Time Belt

Well. Here we are. We’re back in Panther City after a month of frolicking along the beach ala Puff the Magic dragon. Much seafood.
Srange. We arrive in Corpus Christi to a drought and record heat. Then we read the Fort Worth was enjoying record lows. Now we get back just in time 100 degree crap. Once before, something similar happened. We were living in Corpus Christi and decided to visit Fort Worth for the holidays. It was fairly warm here. It snowed in Corpus Christi. Doubt that will happen again this century. Oh well. Sometimes timing just ain’t my forte.
Adios por ahora