Thursday, April 16, 2009

Words For the Jellyfish

Well, several Melatonins and several beers later and still no sleep. I go through phases of this sometimes. All the time as a child.
Much calm exists in the air this morning. I no longer really care about upgrading to new Blogger. Or at least it does not matter as much. Sometimes I get an idea in my head, no matter how insignificant, and get, well, for lack of a better word, a little obsessive about it. I’ll figure it out when I am meant to figure it out. Turns out I can post pics in here. Could be interesting.
When my insomnia would kick in in Corpus Christi, I would walk down to the bay and talk to the jellyfish, all translucent and iridescent. They did not seem to mind.
It’s no wonder I did so crappy in high school. Mr. so and so would be speaking in algebraic tongue that was way over my head anyway and it was all I could do to keep from snoring myself out of my desk.
Funny thing, it always seems like I wound up in classes full of the kind of students that were seemingly thrilled to receive 40 pages of homework. Hmmm. They are probably all lawyers now. Serves’em right.
Oh well. I’m off to give my lids one last chance at closing before the paper gets here.
Adios por ahora.

The Stash Dauber and shrimp

Just read friend Stashdauber’s post about tempura shrimp and must admit to salivating a bit. We must have similar sleeping habits. Tried to leave a comment, but for whatever reason his site never lets me in. Anyway, it reminds me of when my wife and I, not all that long ago, lived in Corpus Christi and our neighbor (Downtown Bill) would bring us bowls of shrimp fresh out of the bay. Sometimes they’d still be wigglin’ around a bit. Had to pop the heads off and clean’em, but it was well worth the effort. I sometimes get wistful about living on the water.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pulling my hair out

The night begins. Candles are lighted and incense is burning. Cold beer at my side. I knew I should have upgraded from old Blogger to new Blogger way back when given the option. At the time, though, I felt no need for video and soon forgot about it. Now, of course, images seem like a pretty cool idea at times. Ughh! Unfortunately I have been sitting here for hours trying to figure out how to make the switch. There is not much information out there as far as I can tell. I’m kind of a step-by-step tutorial kind of guy when it comes to anything computer. If anyone stumbles across this post, any advice would be appreciated. Good thing I have a lot of hair, graying as it may be. Adios por ahora.

Joey Ramone

Well, it was on this date in 2001 that Joey ramone checked out and headed o to history. R.I.P. Oh man, what an influence he had on my life. First saw The Ramones play when I was still in high school and this boy's musical direction never really was never quite the same. So on a personal letter type note - Thank you, Joey Ramone. For what it's worth, I also really liked your solo version of What a Wonderful World.
Kid Daniel

Friday, April 03, 2009

Two Words

Two Words

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fog on a Clear Day

The wind was wet and the sky was barking like a dog chasing after a car or a cat. Take your choice. Windows needed to be closed. The rain was making a wet attempt to enter this domain. Train whistles thrive at this time of night, though I truly miss the fog horns that make their presence known along the coast.
Turtles do not fear the sea. You see? Slow and easy.