Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Judgment Day (part 2)

An e or not an e? I recently penned a blog titled Judgement Day and received an anonymous comment informing me that there was no 'e' in 'judgment. I looked over to a handy Webster's and looked it up to find both spellings listed. However, each time I have since seen the word, there is not an 'e' there. So, I consulted my faithful Funk and Wagnalls. No 'e' there either and that is how I will henceforth lean. This sort of reminds me of the spelling of 'desert' as it pertains to "getting just deserts." Ususally, a good rule to remember is that you aways want 2 helpings of dessert, therefore there are 2 s's. A desert is a desolate landscape of sand and only gets a singular s. "Just deserts," seems to fly in the face of that logic, but there you go. Who am I to pass judgment?