Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NCAA Football Top 5

Well, it has indeed been a while since digging around in here. Had to do this though. I’m really not that big a sport’s fan, but hey, someone has to watch, right?
There has to be a college playoff system put in place. That will be another post.
As it is, here are the top 5 teams in the nation as declared by Bodega Train:

1) Utah – Nobody can dispute an undefeated team. Their dominance over a very good Alabama squad proved a point.

2) Florida – A bit of a boring game, but they at least did their job against a vastly overrated Oklahoma bunch. Wonder if Tim Tebow may declare for the NFL draft.

3) Texas – Colt McCoy showed his mettle in a close contest against Ohio State. They will be a strong presence next year. Coach Mac Brown, however, should have shown some spine and voted his team number 1 in the coaches poll. Only one second of the season cost them a spot the title game.

4) TCU – This may sound to be a bit of a stretch, but so what? Coach Gary Patterson has put together quite a program. Think about it, they barely lost to Utah. (See number 1 above)

5) Oklahoma – They may be overrated, but that does not mean they do not have talent. The problem lies with a coach that chokes in big games. Just check their bowl record.

There you go.