Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the fort worth cats

“That shit could really happen!” Anybody remember that line out of Hollywood Shuffle?
The other day, I came across a response to a previous post concerning The Fort Worth Cats. Not the baseball team – the band.
Someone who goes by the moniker of Sarah Joy apparently found a copy of Earthquake At OK Corral in Boston. I tried unsuccessfully to reply at this person’s site.
Thanks for buying the record though.
I did spontaneously contact the other three members of the group and suggested that the ‘Cats’ do a show. Expecting laughter and rejection, what I received was nothing short of absolute enthusiasm.
We never did really break up. It’s just hard to maintain a playing schedule when we all live in different towns. Still, about one or two rehearsals and we should be good to go.
One night in Fort Worth should suffice. Yeah, one night in Fort Worth.
A little press would be nice and I imagine we can get that done with little effort. I’m thinking sometime in September.
As for Sarah Joy, thanks again for buying the LP and I suspect that what you referred to as sick are the lyrics to a particular song that we no doubt will play. Bear in mind that the thing was written sometime in the late 70s and was completely tongue-in-cheek. I would be the one to blame for the subject matter.
Now, to book a venue. Bet I know just the place. More later…


Blogger The Stash Dauber said...


can't wait

bet i know where you mean, too

8:48 AM  

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