Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LOST, WKRP and Gilligan's Island

Okay. The connection between Lost. Gilligan’s Island and WKRP is actually a bit shallow, but holds water nonetheless.
This is really quite simple. Take the idea of being stranded. The first two afore mentioned shows involve an island and the third involves a nowhere job.
I have to admit here that guys will recognize the scenario right off the bat, but women may scratch their heads for a second or two.
There exists a timeless debate involving men on being stranded with beautiful women. I am the first to admit that if one has to be stranded anywhere, the women on Lost pretty much fill the bill as far as desirability.
But I digress. The question that comes to mind is this: Are you a Ginger guy or a Mary Ann guy? My personal choice would go to Mary Ann. Now fast forward to WKRP. Are you a Jennifer guy or a Bailey guy? My choice there has to go in Bailey’s direction. Now there is LOST and I confess to being a “Freckles” guy, while my brother-in-law prefers Claire.
Just in case she’s reading this, I do indeed prefer the charms of my wife to any of the above fictional choices.
Anyway, there you go. The LOST connection.
Adios por ahora.