Sunday, July 16, 2006

Marc Bolan went electric

We received a Christmas gift late last June. It is a candle. Now, it is constructed of wax and all, but instead of a wick, it has two little bulbs and is operated by four AA batteries.
One simply has to pass a hand or any available appendage over the top of the gadget to make it come on. I am a purist on many matters, including candles, but I have to admit to warming up to this thing.
The only possible objection I can find is that the air is no warmer when it is lighted than when it is not. A small fault that can be easily overlooked. I do believe that the only time I ever turned to a candle for the warmth factor was in a cantina in Mexico during what had to close to freezing temperatures.
Am I a traitor to the traditional candle? I think not. Still have plenty of those around. Hey, Bob Dylan was somewhat ostracized when he decided to rock out while plugged in. Same fate befell T-Rex.
Perhaps I have an open mind to this for the same reason that I have always preferred an electric bass to the acoustic cousin.
It’s a nice candle and is currently flickering the morning away. Yes, there is a not-so-hidden pun there.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

not sure i ever heard mr. bolan "plugged out." i dig t. rex much, but don't know a lot of their stuff except for what pals have played for me (i LOVE "buick makane.") are there any records i might be able to cop of mighty marc gone acoustic?

11:29 PM  

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