Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cowboys and texans

Okay. I’m really not a football fanatic, per se, but do keep up with the unfortunate Dallas Cowboys simply for the reason that I grew up in Fort Worth and that’s just the way things are. I mean, I do not paint my face or even bother to pay the exhorbitant prices to attend an NFL event. That being said, woke up this morning with a football-shaped thought.
Living in Corpus Christi as of late has drawn my attention to the even more unfortunate Houston Texans. How’s about an interesting scenario?
Houston could trade their number one pick for several proven players, or they could make a bold and at the same time popular move. Trade David Carr to the Cowboys for a player or so and a draft choice. Carr could be good with a decent supporting cast and Drew Bledsoe ain’t gonna last forever. Plus, he could be a healthy mentor.
Hopefully, Tuna will be outta town after the next disappointing season. Sure, the Cowboys will be all about time of possession and will succeed in that area. Meanwhile, their opponents will be concentrating on scoring points and winning.
I’m getting off the point though. After Houston trades Carr, they can pick local hero Vince Young and run an offense leaning in the direction of his multiple talents. The fans of Houston would be delighted and would probably be pleased with even a 500 season, but Young does have an intangible leadership quality.
If nothing else, some excitement would be generated. Nothing against Reggie Bush, although he will have to learn not to run sideways so much on the next level of competition. We all saw what happened when he was faced with a quick defense.
Just a thought.


Blogger Mikey said...

I haven't been following the football lately either. I always root for the S.D. Chargers, my team. They suck usually, but I'm loyal, so I root for 'em.
At my work today, I noticed a new-hire unloading a trailer (I work a ups hub) He was sporting a Texas Longhorns hat and t-shirt. I got a chuckle from this as he is deep in USC territory. However, the Longhorn dude had nothing to worry about as, for the most part, serious USC people wouldn't be caught dead doing manual labor inside a ups hub.(we're in O.C not 'the o.c.) I'm guessing the kid is from Texas. Either that, or he just dislikes USC and all the well monied folks from Newport Beach and other parts of the county who can afford to attend that school.

1:21 AM  
Blogger bodega train said...

I am indeed from Texas and have nothing at all against USC and in fact respected their go-for-it on 4th and 2. It backfired, but at least they were playing to win.
The main reason I like the 'Horns is that as a tyke, I thought it too cool to have a bull as a mascot. I have participated in the running of the bulls in Mexico few times. Lived down there several years.
Adios por ahora,

9:04 AM  
Blogger ANDREW M. said...

being a native philadelphian and a sometimes loyal eagles fan, i guess i'm "supposed" to hate the cowboys but have a hard time doing so. not that i like them, i actually don't, or maybe i just don't care enough to muster the strength to flow any bad vibes their way. football is pretty great and can be exciting at times, but i feel that if i hop on the 'ole cowboy hate train then i'll be sharing seats with all the mindless specimens of human chum i thought i tried to leave behind after that hell called high school.

i was at a jurassic 5 show on halloween here in philltown about 6 years ago, and one of the cats in the band said something to the effect of how he was gonna wear a cowboy's jersey on stage but then remembered where he was and thought better of it. he was greeted with a bunch of cheers from the meat mind mob (for not wearing it, i guess) and i couldn't help but think how COOL it would've been had he worn it. nothing like shattering the "values" of a bunch of sheep who can't even reason why they're bothered by such a non-gesture in the first place. i really hate this town some times. anyone know a hermit in search of company?

3:57 PM  

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