Wednesday, March 01, 2006

sex pistols coolness

Hooray for the Sex Pistols for their blunt refusal to perform at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. They even refer to the hall in a hand written letter as a “piss stain” and to the event as “urine in wine.” It is indeed splendid to see that there is still some attitude out there. Is anyone really surprised? Sid must be smiling somewhere.


Blogger Mikey said...

It can't happen any other way. If the pistols were to perform there it would nullify their position as the most "important rock 'n roll band in the history of rock 'n roll." I know that is debatable to some, but for me, the pistols kicked in the door that others were merely knocking on. If you get a chance check out Steve Jone's radio show online at (try googling that, or google 'jonsey's jukebox') he's on m-f 12-2 p.m pacific time. His show streams live on the net. Be warned, he rarely plays any pistols, and when he does its usually a bizarre cover version by some obscure band or musician. He does play a lot of good stuff, and whatever he wants. The best part though is his guests. I've heard everyone from Richard Branson, Vidal Sasoon, Rick Rubin and the other day he had Sean White, the flyin' tomato on. It's the best thing I've heard on commercial radio ever. Give it a check. It's good.

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