Sunday, February 19, 2006


The day begins. Candles are lighted and incense is burning. Cold beer at my side. Flashing skeletons keeping me company and headphones blaring a compilation of cool stuff on a CD that the sister-in-law put together. My lovely wife slumbers in the next room and I peek in to silently blow a kiss.
One of the songs on said CD is a solo effort by Joey Ramone. Maybe it is partly due to the fact that the sun has yet to rise and I’ve had very little sleep, but I feel saddened by the fact that all the original Ramones, with the exception of the drummer, have died.
Think about the crap being played on the radio when those guys showed up. They have to be the least appreciated culture-changing band in history.
The song, which now that I write about it, have to hear again that Joey sings is the Louis Armstrong tune called ‘What a Wonderful World.’ The day begins.


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