Thursday, February 16, 2006

valentine's day massacre with a mary poppins ending

The day got started by losing my wedding ring. I had not left the apartment, so it had to be in here somewhere. It does fit a bit loose, so I went through the trash, item by slimy item at least three times to no avail. So the trash went down the chute and was never again to be seen.
My lovely bride was actually calm about it and was confident that it would show up. I really should listen to her more often.
I went to work at my new job at an import store and set up shop. Setting up shop entails putting stuff out on the sidewalk so as to attract passersby. There is one of those folding signs with gleeful enticements chalked all over it.
Anybody who has ever lived in Corpus Christi can attest to the fact that it has to be one of the windiest places on the planet. Any planet, for all I know. The sign blew over, smashing a really nice, metal sacred heart that was attached to it.
The day moved slow and I made the mistake of consuming a few cups of coffee – always a bad idea as caffeine sends me into shakes that would impress a speed freak.
Nonetheless, I managed to plow through the day until closing time, my first day to close the place. Being my ever-so-smooth self, I managed to set off the alarm and thought I would never got the f…g think to shut off, but did. Nothing to do then but wait for a phone call from the security people or for the police to show up. Fortunately, it was just the call and I spoke a code word and all was copasetic.
(the next day)
Surprisingly woke up without any sign of a hangover, kissed the wife off to work and began anew the search for the elusive ring. Why not do the dishes, drink a beer and think on it?
There on the counter rested a plastic, disposable cup. I rarely use those things, then remembered how hard it was to get it out of the cellophane wrapper. Glanced into the cabinet where the rest of those things live and lo, the ring was in another cup. Life can work out for the positive sometimes.
My employer called and informed me that he had a check awaiting me and to not worry about the alarm situation.
Okay, it’s Wednesday which means open mic night down at the Surf Club. I usually play my precious 71 Fender Precision, but decided to dust off the old 75 Gibson Grabber. Why not? I heard more than just a couple of Kiss references. Hey! Except for a set of strings that probably have been on it since the 70s, it did an admirable job.
Play loud and fast and everything else will pretty much take care of itself. Even had to dust off an old-fashioned backbend. Why not? A good night for a faithful Grabber and a day to be grateful for a loving and understanding wife. Corny? Yeah, well good things that happen should be relished and shared, just as bad days should be taken in with immersion and bleeding in the moment. The salt and the sea seem to manage.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

nice job finding the ring. lost mine 'bout a month back and am clueless and growing steadily more depressed as the weeks go on. the contributing factor to it's loss? an ocean-sized belly full of whiskey, of course. remember bringing it home, but not much more. it was only $36 and i know where i could cop another, but i want THAT ONE, you know? the special one...

i dig your tales of am brew-sippin'. i'm trying to stay off the sauce these days and a quiet, early morning "oat soda" is one of the things i miss the most. sittin' on the porch with the birds chirpin'and the sun poppin' in with an ice cold can cure in hand... damn. black coffee and chain smoking just ain't the same, but they'll probably keep me more alert to find that ring.

4:39 AM  

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