Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the psychedelic furs share a foggy morning

The day begins. Flashing skeletons and it’s foggy outside.
What ever happened to The Psychedelic Furs? Their first album is fantastic. I put it on this morning in celebration of the fog and was moved to the point of considering a pre-sunrise meal. ( Wound up being fried eggs over enchiladas.)
No kidding. This really is a good record. The vocalist is Richard Butler, who sort of sounds like Johnny Rotten on Qualudes after being hit in the throat. While I realize that to not be the most flattering description, it’s how the guy sings. It actually works well with the meandering sax and the repetitive lyrics that make this record a unique piece rather than just a collection of tunes.
Foggy mornings? Yeah, I dig-em.


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