Monday, February 06, 2006

the wicker man

I sold most of my VHS collection in an effort to pare down before a long trip to Mexico. One of the flicks I could not bear to part with was an Anthony Shaffer effort known as ‘The Wicker Man.’
This ranks right up there with any movie anybody has ever seen. Humorous and dark and scary and just downright disturbing. It can sometimes be found in the horror section of a video store, but it really is not as much a horror story as something really unreal.
Christopher Lee (The best Dracula of all time.) outdoes himself as Lord Summerisle, the leader of a pagan cult on an island known for its fruit crops. I was even moved to write a song after watching this story.
This is a mystery as well as a peek into the world’s religious beliefs all in one ball of woolen surprises. Edward Woodward stars as a Christian policeman on the trail of a missing girl he finds out about via an anonymous letter.
Trust me here. Anyone who makes it through the entire movie will never forget the ending. Britt Ekland also turns in a stellar performance as the sluttish landlord’s daughter. Review? As many stars as are allowed. This is one of the rare movies that was actually a movie before it became a book.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

there looks to be a "wicker man" remake out sometime in '06. shaffer gets 1/2 credit for the screenplay, but it stars nicolas cage and he pretty much equals silver screen poison (though i thought he was quite good in the spike jonze flick "adaptation.")
i still don't think you can effectively re-cast a flick that originally starred the mighty christopher lee.

i'm convinced that hollywood is really running out of ideas due, in part, to the overwhelming assualt of b-flick remakes that i've seen coming out over the past 5 years. "the hills have eyes" is the most recent one i can think of. the remake looked awful and didn't have b-legend michael berryman in the role of "pluto" as did wes craven's original. such crap...

i think what they're churning out now are, more or less, big budget
"budget flicks," and that just isn't a formula that works for me.

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