Wednesday, January 09, 2008

daytime tv

Well, sitting around useless with a broken foot that is seemingly in no hurry to heal, one would think that I would be at this screen blogging constantly, writing short stories (my favorite ), or preparing queries to send off. I have been working on a couple of tunes, but even that at more than just a leisurely pace.
One excuse is that it is hard to keep a leg propped while typing. At least it is for me.
Ah, but one culprit easily blamed here is the curse of, does it even need to be mentioned? – Daytime TV. Ughh.
It started innocently enough. Having already read the paper, I was really in no hurry to do anything else, so the remote somehow made its way into my hand and the clicking began.
Now, this is not such a problem on weekends as one can stare mindlessly at football hours on end. As you are well aware, millions of people do this without even having the excuse of an injury.
During the week can be a different story. Immediately ruling out any of the ridiculous soaps, I began the other mindless venture of surfing channels. Not having watched any daytime TV in years, this would if nothing else, prove to be an education of sorts.
There is a positive side. Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have early showings starting at 10:00. I skip The 700 Club.
The Oxygen channel has an array of listings, often incorrect. Bad Girls Club seems to get the most airplay and is worth watching for ten minutes or so just to see how low the good taste quotient has become. This thing usually runs several times a day, sometimes back to back. Not only are these girls not bad, but simply brats, as far as party people go, I’m talking pure lightweights here.
Then there are the judge shows. One features celebrities as jurors. At least that’s what it looks like they are doing. I have not watched enough of it to figure it out. Other judge shows are probably typical of small claims courts. I’ll give decent grades to both Judge Mathis and Maria Lopez. The latter recently referred to a plainiff as not having the brains that God gave a billy goat. One has to chuckle.
Finally, there is a show that can easily suck you in if you’re not careful called Snapped. This is a reality based show based on various murders and the ways in which police detectives solve them. The stories, more often than not, surround a mistress or a greedy wife out after a husbands wealth.
If nothing else, one is exposed to the fact that it is not easy to commit a high profile murder. Then again, it is. It’s just hard to do it without getting caught. I’ll avoid making any Cullen Davis remarks.
That’s it for daytime adventure today. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.


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