Friday, December 14, 2007

foul ball

Call me naïve. Call me out of the loop of logical thinking. Call me Moses, but I have what I think is a fairly understandable question.
Can somebody please tell me what in the grand scheme of the universe does the federal government possibly have to do with the steroid scandal in sports?
Do they not have more important matters with which to attend?
Now, I do not know all the exact details as to what steroids do exactly, but I can tell you that I am pretty confident I could consume a steady diet of the stuff and never even hit one home run, much less several hundred.
That being said, if major league baseball feels it has a problem, then why do they not deal with it internally? Hey, if some of those guys want to turn themselves into freakish hulks, that’s their business. If, however, it is against the rules set forth, then there can always be fines, bans, suspensions, etc.
Actually, without going into further detail, I can sum up the current baseball scandal in four words:


Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

i love the american myth of baseball more than i love the game itself, which i think is boring as shit. (i only watch sports on tv in bars with the sound turned off, and can feign interest only enough to make strangers i meet there think i know/care something about 'em.) i keep saying that one of these days we have to go catch a cats game, because that's the way to see the game played: from the infield seats, watching the young hungry guys on their way up (they hope) to _the show_ and old broke-down guys on their way down. but i always seem to have something else to do.

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