Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SceneShop: Lost and Found

The day begins. Candles are lighted and incense is burning. Cold beer at my side. I glance over at the program for SceneShop’s Lost and Found. Now I remember the resplendent evening spent at Arts 5th Avenue last Saturday night.
Lost and Found is a three-skit, two-part play that delivers a humorous view of life situations in a way that does not really hit you until the next day when it forces its way into the memory bank of your mind.
That is not to say that it is not very, very entertaining at the moment. It’s just the syndrome of waking up the next day and then thinking about it.
It is hard to break down the premise of this collaboration without giving away any of the intoxicating surprises that flow all around and about.
The first piece in Act 1 is titled “You Get What You Pray For,” which is a brilliant reminder to all of us that we have all been either teenagers or parents or dysfunctional families or all of the above.
The next piece is titled “The Hundred Dollar Hug,” and is probably my favorite entry into this show as it exposes the paranoia we as humans all have as far as motives and rewards.
At this time comes an intermission with music provided by the band known as Corneal Abrasion. By the way, just to save you from having to read an “If –You-Go,” they play a set before the show begins and the number to call to get reservations is as follows: 817-923-9500.
The address is 1628 5th Avenue, Fort Worth, Tx, 76104.
Okay. Act II is written and directed by Steven Alan McGaw and is not to be missed. The title for that thing is “How I Lost That Job,” and is worth seeing if not for the mispronunciation of the main character’s name and a verbal proclamation that I have actually repeated a few times after seeing the show, but just for the joy of knowing that you are not alone out there.
Bodegatrain says check it out. You’ll be glad you did.


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