Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alice Cooper: Golf Monster - 12 steps to becoming a golf addict

Being the insomniac that I am, the other night found me pacing the living room and wondering exactly how many steps it takes to walk over to the beer store. I did not bother with this endeavor as it was too late to buy beer, at least legally.
On one of my carpeted laps I spied the stack of books my wife had picked up from the library earlier in the day.
I lifted it and gazed for a few seconds at the cover which consists of Alice Cooper holding up a blood dripping golf club. The title of the book?
Alice Cooper: Golf Monster. 12 steps to becoming a golf addict.
This struck me as a tad humorous, so why not give it a try? I mean, I have always been an Alice Cooper fan. (Who really deep down could not be?) Heck, that was one of the first concerts I ever witnessed way back in the mid 70s. I definitely remember the guillotine
Now, golf does not interest me as much as it, what’s the right word? Bores me. I can appreciate it and all, but do not care to watch it and do not possess the patience or skill to play it.
Opening the front page with some trepidation, I began reading. Then kept reading and then read even more. Surprise! This thing is fascinating. Very well written and very easy to read.
Cooper manages to intertwine the horrors of severe alcoholism, the life of a rock’n’roll star and the peace one can find if they can manage to trade in a deadly addiction for a healthy one. If nothing else, golf can be used by the reader as a metaphor.
However, if you happen to be into golf, you will find tips on swings, grips and course etiquette. He also lets us into his head a little in order to explain just exactly why he finds the game so appealing.
The people he’s hung out with over the years range from the ones you would expect such as Iggy Pop and Led Zeppelin as well as some surprises. The one that comes to mind there is Groucho Marx.
Also revealed are little tidbits of history such as how and why the name Alice Cooper came about.
So in closing, what we have here is a unique combination of an autobiography, a rock’n’roll history lesson, and an insider’s view into the game of golf.
An interesting read indeed. Open and enjoy.


Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

stoogeaphilia broke in "i'm 18" at prac last night.

when marilyn manson first appeared, my inital response was, "i'll bet he winds up on 'the hollywood squares' like alice cooper."

7:47 PM  

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