Thursday, August 16, 2007

cry for a town without bulls

So the running of the bulls, also known as the Pamplonada, or more recently the Sanmiguelada has been canceled. What a sad day for not only San Miguel de Allende, but for all of Mexico.
Ostensibly, this has to do with trying to reduce that ever-so-annoying debauchery that takes place during the weekend long festivities. One weekend out of the year. Look at what you get the rest of the time. There is plenty of tranquility to last a lifetime, even with the perpetual fireworks.
Also, the “powers that be” are vying for San Miguel to enter the privileged lexicon of world heritage sites. Whatever that means, it depends on the approval of UNESCO (United nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) who apparently disapprove of such an event.
Personally, if I were the mayor, I would tell UNESCO to take a hike. They can either accept San Miguel for the town that it is or go about their merry way.
Debauchery? Mayor Jesus Correa has obviously never heard of Mardi Gras or Super Bowl weekend.
Okay, I am aware that there was a shooting last year.
I am also aware that two women were recently raped and murdered. One of these unfortunate and tragic incidents took place in Parque Juarez. Is the mayor going to declare the park to be closed?
Mayor Correa’s analogy comparing the running of the bulls with a wayward child is more than a little off base. Does a parent with a wayward child dispose of said child, or do they find a way to deal with the situation?
Why not make a few changes? How about this?
Take some tips from Pamplona. Instead of letting the bulls loose in the topsy-turvy fashion it is done these days, route them to the Plaza de Los Toros.
There are several routes that would work. Let them out in front of the Ignacio Allende museum and run them east toward San Francisco where they would have to turn right and head toward whatever the name of the street is that El Pegaso is on. They then could gallop down Correo until reaching Recreo when they could then make a straight sprint to the ring.
This could happen a time or two each day over a period of, oh, let’s say three days with a corrida scheduled for each afternoon. There. Is that so difficult?
By canceling this event, San Miguel de Allende, at least this year, has lost an integral piece of its charm and history.



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