Thursday, April 27, 2006

staubauch, class, classless and the new class

Once upon a time, there was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys named Roger Staubach. The guy was fantastic. A game could be completely out of control, but one never knew if he might just pull out a win.
He threw a potentially winning pass to a tight end named Jackie Smith in a Super Bowl. Smith dropped the pass ala Charlie Brown. That poor guy had a nice career and will probably only ever be remembered for that dropped ball and the photo that papers all across the country ran ala Y.A. Tittle.
When interviewed after the game and questioned about that dropped pass, Staubach simply shrugged stated that maybe the ball was under-thrown.
That ball was thrown right between the numbers. What that showed though, was a display of class. Contrast that with the big and fast, whiney assed Terrel Owens who blamed his quarterback and coaches and everyone but himself for losing a championship game. Was Jerry Jones on acid when signing that guy? Cowboys will not even come close to the playoffs this year. Please prove me wrong.
This brings us to another quarterback named Vince Young. Houston would be out of their minds not to draft the man.
Back to Staubach. When guru-coach Tom Landry saw that he was having trouble reading defenses on definite passing downs, he re-invented the shotgun offense, which gave Roger the second or two extra to see what the defense was going to throw at him.
So Vince Young throws in an awkward manner. So what? He wins games. Just structure the offense around his strengths. Not to mention the fact that he was raised in Houston. Good PR move.
Adios por ahora.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

you have my supreme sympathy.

having to listen to that dick on the local nightly news was unbearable during the past few seasons. i'm glad the eagles finally showed him the door but i can't help but feel sorry that he's someone else's headache now. it's hard for me to imagine someone getting that much bravado when their calling in life is nothing more than the act of catching an animal hide hurled through the air.

hope you have a good set of ear plugs handy.

6:18 AM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

the idea of jerry jones on acid is so bizarre that i can't get it out of my mind. thanks, david.

staubach had class. (and was a naval academy grad.) so did landry. (and was a wwII b-24 pilot.)

solution: only hire ex-military guys to play / coach football. since the proximate model for the game is war, this makes more sense than you might think. all the others (players / coaches) are fostered by a college athletic system that puts too much of the focus on $$$.

just my opinion, and i know about as much about sports than i do about emergency surgery.

1:40 PM  

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