Saturday, February 04, 2006

forbidden fruit in the trash can

Stating the obvious: The human mind functions in a wiggly manner. I was once commissioned to take a guy’s grandmother’s love letters and transpose them into poetry. Why not? This transpired while I as living alone in Mexico. The letters were all written during the 20’s.
This would seem insignificant except that upon having them translated to me, it was clear that the lady was a lesbian. I have to admit that this posed a bit of a challenge.
I only ever completed about three poems from the collection. This was not for lack of effort, mind you. It just happened that there was a rather large lesbian community living in the town at the time and they liked the poems until it was revealed to them that they had been composed by a straight male.
I had a rather cavalier attitude about the situation, but sometimes a dog comes along that just ain’t gonna hunt. The poems were never published.


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