Saturday, May 05, 2007

vanishing point

I had not seen Vanishing Point in years. After watching Grindhouse and the obvious homage to the film in the Death Proof , (The Tarentino segment), I decided to rent it. Netflix actually had a copy, so why not a good night of a really long car chase.
Barry Newman stars in this flick about a guy named James Kowalski (a speed freak in at least two senses of the word) who transports cars and makes a bet that he can deliver a 1970 Dodge Charger from Colorado to California in 15 hours.
He manages to outrun and outsmart motorcycle cops, cruiser cops and helicopter cops. He meets gay robber hitchhikers, a nude woman on a motorcycle and is communicated to by a blind DJ brilliantly portrayed by Cleavon Little. You might remember him as the sheriff in Blazing Saddles.
The tension mounts in clever fashion with the use of various flashbacks that offer slight insight into what makes the speeder who he is.
While on the surface, this movie can seem like just another 70s action flick, there is a dark and brooding spirit about it that makes for a sometimes uncomfortable yet thrilling ride.
Bodega Train says check it out if you can find it. A unique adventure indeed.


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