Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fingers of Grapes

There are peanuts scattered across the cutting board in the kitchen. The peanuts are still in their shells. On the side of the cutting board reside two tomatoes. The tomatoes are in the process of drying after having been rinsed. Rinsing is a good thing.
Pencils are good things as are bagels with cream cheese. Then again, that is a subjective topic.
Music is a good thing. Most of it is anyway. It just depends upon the mood you are in when you hear it. Ratatatatat.
Rinsing is a good thing and so is singing in the shower. Keep that under your hat or you might find yourself putting on the wet performance of a jeep with brakes that are in need of repair.
Go find a comfortable wall and lean on it. Let your mind loose. Breathe deep. Breathe like the ocean waves to the sunset.


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