Friday, February 27, 2009

The Crawling Tingler From Outer Space

Way out. This planet has seen me walk its surface for 48 years now as of a couple of days ago. Hard to believe. My good buddy Icicle dropped by the night before and we watched Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. Those old sci-fi monsters movies are always good entertainment. The animation in that particular one is fantastic. I highly recommend it.
Just the week before, I treated my sweet and lovely wife to Earth Versus Flying Saucers. Before that, we viewed The Crawling Hand. There’s a great scene in that flick where a guy who has become possessed by the evil hand and strangles a kindly malt shop owner. While they begin to wrestle with one another, the jukebox gets bumped and turns on. The song that starts playing is an old version of Surfin’ Bird. All these crazy lights are flashing on and off. Great scene indeed.
There seems to be a pattern forming here as I think that The Blob may be next on the list. The original, of course. Then, maybe The Tingler.


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