Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunglasses On A Rainy Night

The day begins. Actually it’s the middle of night. Kind of hard to tell since my watch needs a new battery. Man! I’ve needed that for months now. Goes to show how motivated I am when living in the valley of yippers. Actually, the weather was perfect today. I guess that depends on one’s perspective of perfect.
Windy. A plant keeps blowing over outside. It’s some sort of palm we got while living on the bay.
Tacos are like creatures that eat their own vegetables. Onions are a little more cerebral in that you can just keep going, seemingly endlessly to get to the middle. Come to think of it, artichokes are sort of the same way. The highway would welcome them both with the same kind of truck. Jalepeño peppers are just as important and often even tastier, but require a nearby beverage. A small sacrifice.
Look up! A new day is approaching. A smiling giraffe might just be coming today to take you away. Where? Maybe to meet his hippo friends that live just around the bend.
Ever try bending a guitar string to just hit that exact note you wanted to dance with? Nothing much better than that unless you put sex into the equation.
We just got a new light device to go with the others. The others being a neon guitar and one of those globes that shine little lights that change direction upon contact with your finger.
This new thing is a light with sort of a plastic glove-looking thing that gives the illusion of being a flame. Actually pretty cool. Is that a pun I’m sinning?


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