Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST: a new season

I really cannot remember ever getting to terribly excited about the new season of a television program. LOST is an exception as it is an exceptionally written show.
Both my wife and I had merely thought it to be some faddish hit until being enlightened by a reliable source that compared the program as sort of a modern version of the old British series called The Prisoner.
While that description strikes me as a bit of a stretch, the advice at least got us to start watching it via DVD episodes of the first couple of seasons until we became caught up with the story. Or perhaps I should rephrase that as being caught up within the story.
There was a rather bizarre (surprise, surprise) review of events that had taken place so far that aired last night. This presentation was clever in that it came with subtitles explaining some of the more subtle nuances that exist within certain scenes.
One such hard-to-notice little slice of humor was the name of the funeral home that Jack visits in last season’s finale which turns out to be fast forward spelled backwards. Even funnier was that when crossing the street, he accidentally steps in front of a car that has to slam on its brakes. A slangish, “Careful, Jack!” eminates from the car window. That would have been nothing more than mindless filler had the guy crossing the street not been named Jack.We are also not told who is in the coffin within the funeral home, just that nobody showed up for the service.
Actually, the Star Telegram has a pretty decent recap of events up until now in today’s issue. It includes a short profile of the characters as well.
On a final note, one thing interesting as well as entertaining about the writing on this show is that there is no guarantee on any given episode which character might be killed off. There have indeed been some surprises.
As mentioned earlier, previous episodes are available on DVD for those wanting to become acquainted with the story thus far. There is definitely far more than meets the eye as far as plot goes than a simple story of plane crash victims stranded on an island.


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