Monday, February 07, 2011

The big day off

Waking up at 8:00 this morning did not take. It came about like a bad religion and I promptly put it away and went back to sleep. 10:45 made more sense.
24 x 90 = 2,160.
Imagine that.
I dreamed in the night about learning a game. The game was a puzzle of sorts. One would select random numbers and write the numbers in little rectangles. Each time the numbers were added together, the resulting total would come out different. That is, it would come out different unless you knew the trick.
I almost had it figured out I think, but woke up before getting it down just right. 8:00 was too soon.
8:45 was no better, so I just rolled over.
There is a little store down the street that sells liquor. On the door is a sign that reads - HELP WANTED.
The sign hangs like a badge of desperation. A man near the Hulen bridge held a similar sign in trembling hands the other night.
I slowed the car down and rolled down the window. Then pulled 50 cents from my pocket and handed it to the man.
The man smiled as he extended his hand to accept the donation. The wind was cold. I smiled upon rolling the window back up.
I will drive to the little store tomorrow and offer to help. Hopefully, they will smile and accept my offer.
It has been a long day. Perhaps I will dream tonight of figuring out how to make all the numbers add up the same way twice.
The weather people are saying there is more snow to come soon. Others will be like me. Welcome the big day off.



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