Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello sweeties. Yeah, I’m back again. Been awhile, huh. Much has happened over the past few months. Some of it good and some of it not so good. I would imagine that sounds like a pretty generic description for a space of time. I shall endeavor to be more consistent in the future.
I swear though that this has been a year beyond weirdness.
We are talking of wild alcohol withdrawal, a surprise divorce, a little time in the psychiatric ward, giving up the bottle and actually meeting some good friends from a very unlikely group of candidates.
That's not to mention a close family member hanging in ICU for a few weeks, then making splendid progress with regard to recovery.
Existence and what to make of it.
Oh man. I actually broke down and joined the uncharted waters of Facebook this morning. Jesus! I swear I had no idea that I know so many people. Weird. Interesting. I fear I may not be quite sociable enough to do the site justice. Only one way to find out.
Really. What a year it has been. Tragic? Depends upon one’s perspective. Unexpected joy and gratitude? No question about it. Illness and recovery. Light the candles to a higher power and burn the incense for good measure. Flashing skeletons and a cup of coffee and all within the cozy warmth of my truly neato apartment.
Simplicity. I smile.
Some more You Tube? Have not given it a whole lotta thought. A couple of good people have asked about those old posts. Just have to see.
It is cold outside. A beautiful night and perhaps tomorrow will follow suite.
Thinking thoughts, dancing dancers and noodling noodles. That’s the way the good earth spins things.
Why should it be any other way?


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