Friday, January 28, 2011

Solitude and space

This is where I belong. Alone here in my blog. Some weird shit was playing on the radio, but I have replaced that with the sound of my box fan.
Sleep will actually come easy tonight. A rarity and I use the word night loosely. The clock says 2:00 AM.
I used to go for long walks at this time of night.
Not so long ago, really.
I will most likely take that practice up again when the weather starts becoming warm on a consistent basis.
I do like it in here.
It is private, though anyone is welcome.
I received a message earlier from a good friend. It is always good to hear from friends.
I know people in Spain, New York, California, San Miguel de Allende, Corpus Christi and of course all over the metroplex.

The bay still pops into my mind often.

I remember when a friend used to be excited about seeing a dolphin, or sometimes a hummingbird. A friend lost that.
The jellyfish were always open to whatever was on my mind. For all I know they waited for me to get there and talk to them in the wee hours.
Perhaps they had little jellyfish conversations of their own after I left. They're bound to have some sort of communication.

The bay still pops into my mind now and then.

The apartment I'm in now is very nice. I very much feel like I am at home when I walk through the door. That's the way one should feel I think. I mean when walking through their own door.
It has been almost three months since my most recent beer and I have to say that I do not miss it much. Sometimes it sounds good, just not good enough to drink.
I am unemployed and while all the time in the world is nice, I am in debt that is only sure to become deeper. When I ponder too much about such matters is when a cold frosty beer begins to sound like it would hit the spot.
Not to worry. My supply of sparkling water is doing the trick. Sort of like a liquid understudy.
This is where I belong. Softly surfing the neon waters of solitude and space.



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