Thursday, October 30, 2008

none of the above

A funny and sad thing happened the other night at a social gathering. I actually backed down from a political argument. Why? The only reason was that I was at a friend’s home and did not wish to stir up a debate that would be more appropriately held in a neighborhood bar.
A guy within earshot was talking about voting Libertarian in the upcoming national elections. I could not resist meandering over and introducing myself as the former county chair for the Libertarian Party of Tarrant County, albeit many years ago.
He nodded his approval and went on to state that the newest candidate was what the party needed as he sort of stands middle ground. I tried my hardest not to frown and politely excused myself to go and retrieve another beer. I never returned for conversation on the topic.
I mean, why the fuck vote Libertarian if all they can offer is middle ground? Might as well vote for a Republican or Democrat, henceforth referred to as Demopublicans. Face it, folks, Dems and Reps are pretty much the same story over and over. Hey, just take a quick peek at their respective platforms. The candidates may differ slightly, but the message is the same. Give them your money and they will take care of you. Right.
Let’s take a look at the choices in the forthcoming election. Might as well start with Bob Barr, the Demopublican in Libertarian clothing. He voted in favor of the war in Iraq.
That alone is enough to cross him off the list. He has since apologized, but, you know what? Ted Bundy may well have apologized for the women he took from this world in violent fashion, but that does not make those women any less dead now does it?
The VP candidate, Wayne Root says a withdrawal of troops from Iraq anytime soon is unrealistic.
What does he think will happen? Violence might break out after centuries of previous bloodshed in the name of (pick a god here).
Now that brings us to Demopublican nominee John McCain. Good grief, Charlie Brown. Is anyone else out there sick of hearing these two words, and they are always spoken as if they have a question mark after them – “ My friends?”
This man not only voted in favor of the war in Iraq, but does nor care one wit how long it lingers on. Please define winning, sir.
The proverbial icing on the cupcake here is this man’s choice of a VP. All right, so she’s cute. So she can see Russia from Alaska. So she also speaks like a powder-puff Nazi.
As far as views concerning abortion go, hey, I am a middle aged male and doubt that I will ever become pregnant, therefore I have nothing to say on the subject. Sarah Palin can have 29 kids as far as anyone else is concerned. Who cares? That’s her choice and she is entitled to it. Leave everyone else alone with their own direction to follow.
Ah, this brings us to Barak “We can end a war.” Obama. How did Joe Biden vote on the issue of a war in Iraq?
Barak Obama clearly carries the star quality of this campaign season. He has the looks and he has the scripted answers. He claims to want to end the war in Iraq. That is all well and good. The thing is that many people confuse that with bringing troops home. He has not that intention nearly as much as relocating them into equally dangerous territories such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He has even been quoted as saying that he was not against war, just the one in Iraq. I personally have counted at least three times that this guy has threatened Pakistan.
No votes for Demopublicans this year. At least not from where I sit. All sarcasm aside, or at least part of it, I wish nobody would vote. Now - that would send a message.
Try and remember, dear readers, just a few years ago when George W. Bush lost an election, yet was appointed president. It makes one feel sorry for the millions of voters that will line up at the polls this year thinking that their vote might actually make a difference. I wish them luck. I, for one, choose not to participate. At least not this year.
I think the most important decision I will make on November 4th is whether to start off the day by listening to T- Rex or possibly the Derailers. That’s about the only decision that will affect my life one way or other.



Anonymous Sweet Basil McJagger said...

Go with The Derailers! Go with The Derailers!

It'll make your whole day better!

10:40 AM  

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