Thursday, June 26, 2008

t-shirt wind and a limping walk to the store

The time grows within us all. Someplace there is a lemon or a lime or a first bicycle or even a first old VW awaiting. While picturing that VW, you may be thinking 69 Beetle. Then again, maybe an old rusted bus ready to take into the depths of American highways. Perhaps even a trip south of the border would cross your mind. Too bad seatbelt laws were ever enacted. The road has no room for restriction. The worry of being pulled over for riding without being tied down takes a little away from the romantic notion of cruising the highway. Don’t even get me started on the open container law. Kerouac cries and the sea bleeds. A border fence offends. Totalitarian states require fear. Fear requires a perceived threat, be it real or imagined. Either grilled shrimp or fajitas are the most important decision for this day.
Adios por ahora.


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