Friday, February 29, 2008

roll over, moses

I do not quite know why I found this so funny, but I did. There was a column in this morning’s Star Telegram penned by a James H. Fowler that mentioned the benefits for politicians willing to appear on the Colbert Report, exposure being one of them.
The humorous part comes when the possible downside is brought to light. It seems that GOP Rep. Lynn A. Westmoreland has pushed to have the Ten Commandments placed somewhere along the walls of Congress.
Look, if you are going to appear on a show like Colbert’s, be prepared. Apparently, Westmoreland could only name three of the commandments.
I must admit that I showed the column to my wife and we decided to try and name them. We only managed about 7, but then again, we are not advocating their placement anywhere.
Besides, haven’t those things already been etched in stone someplace?


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