Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the three stooges

And then there were three. A Clinton, a McCain and an Obama. Two Dems and a Rep, or more easily recognized as Demopublicans. What to do, what to do?
How’s about a casting call? The Three Stooges? The show begins.


As Moe – This was a tough one. McCain has the menacing look, but is a little soft on the issue of torture, so the roll goes to Hillary. She’s definitely not above pretending to be in charge and could probably be easily prodded to slap the noses of either opponent. ( She would probably refer to them as subordinates.) Not to mention the occasional poke in the eyes. She also dons a perfect smile dedicated to sarcasm and facetious innuendo. She more than likely is the one wearing the pants in the family, or at least manages to keep them up. Moe.

As Larry – A good fit for John McCain. Larry was probably the brightest of all the stooges, but lacked the confidence to really take charge and made up for this deficiency by simply blowing with the proverbial wind. Mac might need a wig to truly pull this bit off, but can always blame the younger generation for this minor flaw. Larry.

As Shemp – Unfortunately, with the withdrawal of Huckabee, there is no clear cut nominee for Curly. That means we have to rely on the savvy of Shemp. Who could argue with the choice of Obama to fill this particular roll? Ever notice the slight, yet sudden tilt of the head when he is making an attempt to make a point? Shemp was a master at taking credit for saving the day when he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. (Mememememememememe!) Shemp.

There you go. Vaudeville still holds its place in the world.


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