Saturday, February 09, 2008

the end of the football season shape of things

Well, football season is essentially over. Although I did just see a TV ad for next year’s Super Bowl, a game which will apparently air on NBC. I’m not kidding.
That reminds of something. Anybody remember Duane Thomas? Rookie of the year who’s career than took a nosedive due to altercations with Tom Landry, (personality issues) and the local police who frowned upon illegal drug use.
Whatever. Thomas did deliver quite a memorable quote once: “If the Super Bowl is the ultimate game, why do they play it again next year?” Gotta admit he had a point of sorts there.
It looks as though the U.S. government is once again trying to ram its under-performing nose into allegations of cheating in the sports world. Seems the Patriots may have secretly videotaped a walk through by the St. Louis Rams prior to Super Bowl Roman numeral whichever.
I have brought this up before, and call me naïve if you will, but can anybody explain to me just what exactly the feds have to do with this. Just the other day, Bill Belichick got his just desserts and paid the piper via an embarrassing loss and an obviously recognizable lack of character.
Christ! Teams have been trying to rip off other’s signals since the days that Neanderthals wandered the earth. Hmmm. Interesting and rather humorous comparison there. Whatever – that’s why teams try to hide their signals in the first place.
In other thoughts, perhaps in this off season, a receiver such as Limas Sweed out of U.T. could fall in the draft for the Dallas Cowboys to snag him. Isaiah Stanback would be good to give a test ride to as well. As least he is already on the roster and probably hungry for playing time. Either or both would provide a speedy compliment to T.O. on the other side.
By the way, I was as surprised as anyone this season by the switcheroo in Owens’
demeanor. Perhaps he either stopped taking, or then again, started taking mood altering drugs. Maybe he just got laid more often. Could it be something as simple that a change in coaching staff provided enough different direction that certain players would perform and behave in a more positive spirit?
Speaking of which, it has been suggested by some members of the media that Roy Williams would be better suited to play linebacker rather than safety. It’s a thought. At least he might take part in some head-on collisions rather than helplessly running after an opposing receiver sprinting toward the end zone.
A major mistake the Cowboys committed in their unnecessary loss to the Giants was to start Marion Barber ahead of Julius Jones. Not that Barber is not the better runner, but why change a scheme that had been so wildly successful all season. There is an old saying: “Dance with the one that brung ya.”
That’s about all there is to say on the subject for now. At least it should be, but one can never trust the stupidity of a useless senate probe.


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