Sunday, March 06, 2011

The hybrid monk

the hybrid monk

that corkscrew stare
the changing of a flat tire
passing motorists
in wedding attire
or maybe a funeral
hard to tell with the heat waves
concrete submission and
sublime impertinence
the distant scream the dance
his shoes are falling apart

nomads barking like vessels
on an unknown journey into
the wilderness of the hybrid monk
and more screaming
or possibly a loud river
hard to tell with the heat waves
a distant cloud the séance
candles glowing green
the unseen influence
the unseen fiend

and a mongrel it seems
has made his way
into the barn
and buried in the hay
the hybrid monk sleeps loudly
he snores all day
the loud river chants and
earthworms grimace in pain
hard to tell with the heat waves
the hybrid monk – is insane



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